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Forcefield is an integrated security management platform that combines access control, intrusion detection and vid surveillance into single, unified system.

Seamless, Reliable, Supported

A powerful software package embedded in a rugged hardwareappliance, Forcefield allows you to control doors, alarms, user
access, cameras (including PTZ cameras), digital recorders,intercoms and video switchers from a single operator screen on a Windows PC. Forcefield is also capable of integrating to third partyapplications and systems.

Integration to the TruVision range of digital video recorders enables full configuration of video devices via Forcefield giving you the ability
to add IP cameras, configure frame rates, motion detection grids andmuch more.


Forcefield seamlessly combines access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance into a single unified system. On the one operator screen, Forcefield links information from your Challenger security system to associated video footage. This provides your security staff with a clearer understanding of incidents as they unfold,without the need to manually collate information from separate stand-alone systems.
Forcefield enables your staff to respond more quickly and knowledgeably to incidents, reducing the likelihood of false alarms and increasing your capability to respond to critical situations. By providing a single management tool that streamlines your entire electronic security system, Forcefield minimises the need for operator training and increases security staff productivity.


Building on the reliability of the Challenger system, Forcefield utilises a rugged hardware appliance and highly stable real-time OS (operating system) that is intrinsically less susceptible to viruses, hacking and system failure. In large set-ups, multiple Forcefield appliances are networked together, each connected to numerous Challenger panels. This increases reliability because in the event that a single appliance fails, the remainder of the connections will remain intact and operative.
Forcefield offers backup redundancy. In the event of main system failure, this reliably ensures that all data is safely stored while Forcefield continues to operate.


Adding to the thousands of Challenger installers across Australia and New Zealand, Forcefield has hundreds of trained and assessed security professionals across the region. This provides you with a wide choice of contractors for support, maintenance and installation.

A Solution for Every Industry

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions throughout Australia and
New Zealand have trusted the Tecom Challenger
since 1990. Forcefield can enhance the security
that Challenger provides with features such as
Automated Guard Tours, CCTV Integration and
Remote Alarm Monitoring.

Multi-Site Commercial

Forcefield is particularly suited to multi-site
and multioperator deployments. Forcefield can
link all the locations together over secure and
low bandwidth Local Area Networks or Wide
Area Networks for centralised or distributed
management of the security system.


Critical infrastructures such as electricity, water
and waste, by their nature, are often located
across large and remote areas. Forcefield can
provide real-time remote alarm monitoring and
management of these sites while providing
unmatched flexibility and low bandwidth network
connections to each facility.


Government facilities require the ability to
authenticate user access to restricted areas.
When a user access event occurs, Forcefield can
display the event details and the user photo ID for verification against video footage.


Industrial and Mining facilities not only require
protection of assets but also the safety of people. Forcefield may be integrated with OH&S policies, providing critical information on the location of personnel such as On-Site Reports and Muster Reporting, vital in case of an emergency.


Whether a small school or large university, people management and protection of secure areas are key requirements. Forcefield can provide almost unlimited control of users door access, floor access and alarm access, and because Forcefield can manage up to 1 million users, there is always capacity to grow!

Interlogix stands by its customers to ensure that no matter what Interlogix technology you purchased or when,we are dedicated tofinding you a technical solution to migrate t future technologies. You can feel confident that no matter what the future holds, your investment will be protected.

Modular Scalability

Forcefield allows for modular expansion without replacing your existing hardware. You can keep
growing the size of your Forcefield system by adding additional nodes which provide a greater number of panel connections, workstations
and digital video recorders. There are various node options provided, with different levels of connectivity and performance.

End-To-End Solution Support

Because Forcefield is designed to integrate with Interlogix’s own video surveillance platform, you can have peace of mind that your integrated
access and video system will always work together, ensuring continual integration support
for your solution and investment.

Distributed Processing and Intelligence

Most systems rely on a single central server. However Forcefield’s Multi Node architecture allows all Challenger panels, DVR video systems and operator workstations in a Forcefield system to be distributed across different nodes preventing one single point of failure. If a node fails only the
devices attributed to that node are offline allowing continued communication with all other devices in the system.


Our robust training and certification programs ensure you can confidently choose from a range
of trained and assessed system installers with the skills and knowledge to professionally deploy and maintain a Forcefield system.

One seamless video, alarm and access system Forcefield combines video, alarm and access management on a single platform from any Windows client, allowing operators to manage their entire security solution from one application.

Alarm monitoring

Forcefield allows for modular expansion without replacing your existing hardware. You can keep
growing the size of your Forcefield system by adding additional nodes which provide a greater number of panel connections, workstations
and digital video recorders. There are various node options provided, with different levels of connectivity and performance.

Real-time graphics

Forcefield incorporates custom site-plans with security devices illustrated on the map as icons that simplify alarm handling and system control. Points in alarm on the map will flash and display their status with the click of a mouse.Operators can even respond to an icon in alarm from the
same graphical interface.


Forcefield reporting features are both extensive and flexible
with filters providing a number of report parameters. Once
a report is produced it can be sent to screen, printer, hard
drive or exported as a CSV file.

Video from map display

An operator can view live and playback camera footage
as well as control PTZ cameras from a graphical site
map of the building. Alarm points on a map flash when in
alarm and can be linked directly to video footage for easy

Advanced access control

Forcefield provides advanced management of door and lift
access for multiple users and user profiles. Other access
features include door monitoring of selected doors to be
controlled (opened) on a workstation basis complete with
photo ID of the user attempting to gain access. This can be
compared against video footage.

Virtual video matrix switcher (Multi-View)

Multi-View maybe used to display one to sixteen camera views * on a single screen, in various configurations.
Programmable dwell times allow automatic switching between camera views. Multi-View also supports the use of multiple video monitors to be connected to any suitable
Forcefield Window’s workstation.

Hot Standby

The Hot Standby option allows for a redundant Forcefield node to be added to the system which will continuously mirror the main Forcefield node database. In the event of failure of the main Forcefield node the Hot Standby node will automatically take over to allow for minimum disruption to the security system.

Photo ID and card programmer

Forcefield has its own facility to design, print and display photo ID information for each system user. Using the Interlogix Smart Card programmer, Forcefield can program
or re-program Interlogix Smart Cards with information from the Forcefield user database. User images can be imported into Forcefield and saved with the user data, or printed onto user cards if required.


Forcefield allows for additional nodes to be added to expand its capacity for Challenger panels and Windows
clients in the system. A Multi-Node architecture allows for distributed processing of events received from the Challenger panels. This eliminates the risk of a single point
of failure.


Triggering automatically performs a pre-defined function based on a specific alarm/access condition or point in time. With video integration triggering can be used to display a
particular camera view or to tag a recording on a DVR. Triggering can also be setup to generate an automatic email from an event condition. Triggering can be used as
an interface to your third party devices, such as duress pagers and CCTV switches, making it one of the most powerful features available in the security industry today.

Guard Tour

A Guard Tour is a defined series of checkpoints at which a security guard must check in, within specified time
intervals. Failure to check in on time triggers an alarm or other event. Forcefield allows the programming of 1000 guard tours. Each guard tour contains a list of up to 1000 checkpoints that a Guard must activate within a restricted time.

Database partitioning

Multiple site locations or multiple tenants sharing a common security system require the ability to only
manage the part of the security system for which they are
responsible. The Forcefield database can be partitioned into virtual subsystems allowing the software to restrict the operator from viewing records, and controlling and
receiving events that are not within their physical domain or
area of responsibility.

Manage Job Workflow & Operator Permissions

Forcefield can manage operator permissions and workflows only allowing operators system access to their job functions, such as specific buildings, areas or menu functions. This also includes restricting their ability to view video footage of unrelated areas.

Powerful Applications

Forcefield is scalable; from a single site, to a multinational
deployment, providing the network architecture that is
critical to seamless real-time multi-site and multi-user
operation across any LAN/WAN network.

With a real-time operating system at its core, Forcefield
provides the optimum balance between reliability and
security, while maintaining the flexibility and convenience
of Windows workstations.

With high-level video integration to Interlogix DVR’s,
Forcefield offers one total solution for your security needs.
Multiple monitors connected to a Windows client can turn
an operator workstation into a pseudo control room where
Alarm, Access and Video can be managed from the one
Integration of third party devices such as pager, duress,
intercom and switcher systems are available through the
Forcefield system as well as other third party devices
using Forcefield’s third party interface. See your Interlogix
representative for more details.