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Concept 4000 Protecting your Critical Assets Enterprise Wide


Protect your assets and secure your enterprise.

With Concept 4000 Hardware and insight software you’re in control.

Inner range deliver integrated cost. Effective intruder detection and access control solutions for your organisation in a system that grows as you grow.

If you’re a manager in big business, you know just how important it is to protect your corporate assets. Your bottom line depends on it. Vandalism, burglary and internal theft pose signifcant risks to your people, plant and equipment. Furthermore, in the information age, threats to intellectual property can manifest from unexpected quarters such as the internet or internal corporate networks. The cost to your corporation if your assets are compromised can be considerable.

You need a holistic solution that delivers best in class protection across your entire enterprise. A system that meets all of your complex security requirements in a single, integrated package. Inner Range delivers.

The Concept 4000 hardware platform coupled with Insight management software seamlessly integrates:

Best-in-breed access control for up to one million card-holders with mixed access technologies and optional card pools

Fast, decisive intruder detection with multiple powerful security alarm reporting formats

Building automation and monitoring including air conditioning and lighting control, plus off-the-shelf integration with hundreds of Building Management Systems

Advanced CCTV / DVR integration including remote camera control and multiple timelines

Live, interactive building floor plans with map navigation and drill-downs

Multi-site, multi-tenant, multi-control module, multi-operator

Advanced reports including full muster reports

Enterprise SQL database engine with scheduled backups and data sharing with external sources

An open sales channel

Protecting your critical assets enterprise wide

Unrivalled Security Power

Monitor thousands of detection points throughout a building. Security violations will trigger sirens and strobes. Alarms are reported to monitoring centres, mobile phones, pagers and on site PCs. All events are recorded for future review.

Concept 4000 Hardware Platform

Concept 4000 is an extensible hardware system that unifes three fully-featured systems in one product: wonderfully powerful intruder alarm functionality, enterprise level access control and comprehensive building automation features.

Insight Management Software

Insight management software provides a powerful, robust and user friendly management tool for Concept 4000 hardware installations including advanced reporting, CCTV integration and advanced alarm management.

User Management AND Card Printing

Design and print ID cards customised for your enterprise. Create multiple card pools with a variable number of cards in each pool. Mark cards as lost or suspended, or create card pools based on existing programming.

Enterprise Level Access Control

Access through thousands of doors, gates and turnstiles can be controlled and monitored. Full customisation of access permissions. Occupants only have access to their permitted areas – through doors you designate and times you specify.

Elite Terminal, Weatherproof Terminal, Touchscreen Terminal

Elite Terminal

The ubiquitous interface to a Concept 4000 system.

Weatherproof Terminal

Vandal resistant, waterproof, security and access control for outdoor areas.

Touchscreen Terminal

Unparalleled ease of use for end users to interact with security, access and building automation features.

Integration with Other Systems

Seamless and extensive hardware level Integration with other automation technologies. At software level, share data with other enterprise and business information systems including payroll and staff databases.

Lift Access Control

Use the same card or key fob issued to users for door access and security to control lift access. Users select a floor from the specific floor list that has been assigned to them.


Generate a huge range of reports based on templates or your own designs. Create parallel real-time reports with or without complex flters for key personnel, monitoring centres or audit purposes.

CCTV - DVR Integration

Comprehensive CCTV and DVR integration including software multiplexing of multiple video feeds, remote camera control, triggered camera switching and linkage of security logs to recorded footage. Open multiple views with independent timelines, execute preprogrammed camera macros and automatically keep DVR time synchronised with Insight.

Multiple Sites

Manage an almost unlimited number of locations across the world as individual entities or as one ‘virtual’ system. Local and centralised control. Changes are propagated across the entire system instantly.

Multiple Tenancies

Each Concept 4000 Control Module can be programmed with up to 250 individual partitions or areas. Each area can act as if it were a standalone security/access system. Areas can be allocated to individual tennacies within the system.

Enterprise Level Access Control

Our product offers all of the leading functionality you would expect in a state-of-the-art enterprise level access control solution. Manage up to one million users across thousands of doors and user types. Customize access permissions, time zones and card formats. Specify doors, areas, lifts and interlocking doors that can be accessed. Prescribe card-and-code or dual user access requirements, specify antipassback policies and establish area occupancy rules

Multiple Sites

Using Insight software, you can manage an almost unlimited mix of sites and field hardware. Organize your sites into a hierarchy and unify them into a single “virtual” system for centralized programming. Alternatively, with Insight’s unparalleled network engine, you can maintain your sites in a decentralized way

Graphical Floor plans

Monitor and control your installation via graphical floor plans and site maps. Special icons can be placed on each schematic map which shows, in real time, the status of field hardware such as inputs, outputs, and areas. Maps can be imported from image files or scanned blueprints and augmented with drill-downs and interlinks between maps.

Our intuitive Shapes tool, lets you trace areas of any shape or location on the map and significant items such as doors and detection devices can also graphically represented. Multiple intrusion points can be summarised with a single icon – if one point goes into alarm, clicking the icon expands the display to show the source of the incursion. Our fully featured CCTV integration means cameras can be selected and controlled directly from the floor plan.

CCTV and DVR Integration

Our Insight Software becomes your eyes and ears with our comprehensive CCTV and DVR integration option. Unlike the poor feature set of many competitors, Inner Range delivers a virtual control room including software multiplexing of multiple video feeds, remote camera control, triggered camera switching and linkage of security logs to recorded footage. Open multiple views with independent timelines, execute preprogrammed camera macros and automatically keep DVR

Advanced Reports

Generate a huge range of preconfigured or custom reports including time and attendance and muster reports. Export reports in multiple formats including XML, HTML and Adobe PDF. Send reports to the screen, email or hard copy. Create your own reports with a fully featured report designer. You can create reports with colored text and graphics, drawing shapes, charts, barcodes, tables, forms or even data from external applications.

Touchscreen Terminal

The Concept 4000 Touchscreen is an exceptionally easy to use the terminal that delivers security and home automation functions in an aesthetically attractive enclosure.

Without having to “log in” to the terminal, users can control building automation features such as lights, heating and cooling. PIN access grants additional rights including onetouch security arm and disarm.

Simple, per site customisation allows users to see specifc functionality that is relevant only to them. Contemporary design with customisable architectural face plate allows the device to complement practically any interior design. Our touchscreen offers outstanding power and simplicity in an attractive enclosure – none of our competitors can match it.

Wireless RF Support

Connect up to 32 wireless detectors by adding an RF expansion module at any location on the Concept 4,000 LAN. (up to a maximum of 64 modules). Functionality for up to 4000 user Key fobs can be tailored for individual users in the system. Use Key fobs to secure wireless arm / disarm, control outputs or as a wireless panic input. Perfect for heritage listed building installations.

Access Card design, Management, and card pools

Create and print photo ID badges and cards of any size and complexity. Design your own card layouts with our built-in card designer. Individual or batch printing of cards is supported.

Create multiple card pools with a variable number of cards in each pool. Direct entry and site code card pools can be managed simultaneously. Mark cards as lost or suspended. Detect unassigned cards and automatically add them to card pools, or create entire card pools based on existing programming. Card data can be directly acquired from a reader into Insight.

Lift Access Control

Each Concept 4000 Control Module can secure up to 64 floors and 16 lift cars. Custom configurations allow 32 lift cars. For larger applications, use multiple Concept 4000 Control Modules linked using Insight Software.

Enterprise Level Access Control

Inner Range offers a truly unified intruder detection and access control solution for your enterprise. This integration delivers compelling advantages, including reduced equipment costs, cheaper installation and maintenance, and simpler system management.

Building Services Integration

Inner Range supports all major building automation standards including Bacnet, Bacnet/IP, Lonworks, EIBand Modbus. We support a huge range of proprietary protocols for HVAC, lighting and energy management systems including AMX, Clipsal CBus, Dynalite and HPM-iCONTROL plus other systems from leading vendors like ABB, Ademco, Honeywell, Andover Controls, Siemens and TAC, to name just a few. Talk to Inner Range about the integration opportunities in your enterprise.

Alarm Management

Insight includes fully featured alarm management for your enterprise. View outstanding alarms at a glance in priority order, customise operator screens and acknowledgement procedures and enhance Concept 4000’s alarm engine with advanced custom alarms.

Custom alarm events, user selectable alarm levels, customisable alarm procedures and flexible alarm response options are all fully supported. Alarms can be reported to key personnel via any combination of email, SMS and pager.

High-Security Areas

Door interlocking may be used in high security areas to ensure that only one door to an area is unlocked at any one time. Access through interlocked doors is not available whilst someone else is using an associated interlocked door.

Powerful Programming Flexibility

Concept 4000 and Insight cater for the different needs and requirements of each site with an impressive array of group and list programming options that allow the detailed manipulation of all user and system functionality. Powerful macro-logic encompassing the entire hardware installation helps deliver solutions only dreamed of in competitor offerings.

Best-in-class Intruder Detection

Concept 4000 has a well erned reputation as a reliable and powerful systems for intruder detection and reporting. Our modular architecture means our system scales effortlessly to keep pace with the growth of your organisation and its needs. Thousands of detection points can be monitored throughout an entire building or extended facility. Our unrivalled multi-path alarm reporting technology means incursions can be reported quickly and decisively to multiple destinations including central monitoring stations, mobile phones, pagers, notebooks and desktop workstations. All events are recorded in a tamper-proof security log which can be linked to pre-event and post-event camera footage. Because Concept 4000 is an integrated access control solution, false alarms triggered by employees are greatly mimimised.

Business Systems Integration

Engineered for enterprise and powered by an industry-standard SQL database engine, our Insight management software offers an extensive range of high-level interface options to other enterprise systems including payroll databases, hotel and property management systems and Enterprise Resource Planning packages.

User Friendly Software

Insight was designed with two fundamental goals in mind. First, to provide a reliable, best-in-class enterprise tool for holistically managing an entire Concept 4000 installation. Second, to deliver a user friendly tool for Operators regardless of their computer literacy. With Insight, we’ve achieved this goal.

For example, with Insight you can instantly search the entire database in less than ten seconds, using the same search interface as Microsoft® Windows®. With the press of a button, you can create a graph showing how every programming item relates to every other item. Even a complicated system becomes easy when you have the right software

Uninterrupted OffLine Operation

Concept 4000 provides a wealth of redundancy options to ensure uninterrupted offline operation. System operation is completely independent of the front end management software. Standalone local Control Modules continually maintain all aspects of the system functionality including event logging while intelligent fourdoor reader modules provide local caching of 24,000 users if the Concept 4000 Control Module is unreachable.


The communications channel between the Concept 4000 hardware and Insight software is protected by industrial-strength 128-bit AES encryption. This algorithm has been selected by the US government as the new Advanced Encryption Standard and offers the highest protection available against spoofng, identity faking and capture/replay attacks. This makes AES Encryption the natural choice for high security installations and corporate buildings where security services are run through existing TCP/IP business networks.

Unlimited Operator Flexibility

Insight establishes a new standard in Operator management. Create any number of Operator Types, and assign super fine grained permissions to each group. You can, literally, specify distinct permissions for every single object in an Insight system, then assign one or more groups to each Operator. That operator will then automatically receive the combined privileges of your selection. You can even apply these permissions to a work station, to cap the privileges of any operator at that location. All operator activities are logged to a permanent audit file for examination and reporting. In addition, all programming items show the name and date of the last operator to make an edit.

Visitor Management

Use Insight to quickly allocate temporary contractor or visitor passes that automatically expire at the end of the day, or some other time you specify. You can also require that visitors must be escorted at all times.

If you want more support click here for user manuals.